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NestJS CODEX: auxiliaries for CRUD using Mongoose with transactions support

Published Oct 27, 2023

Repository provides a robust CRUD service using NestJS and Mongoose, designed to simplify the development of database interactions with built-in transaction support via Async Local Storage.


  • CRUD Operations: Simplify create, read, update, and delete operations using Mongoose.
  • Transaction Management: Handle transactions smoothly and reliably in your services.
  • Async Local Storage: Utilize Async Local Storage for context management throughout the life of a request.


Before you begin, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have installed Node.js
  • You have a MongoDB server running (local or remote)

Make sure you have these installed in your NestJS project:

  • "@nestjs/common": ">=8.0.0"
  • "@nestjs/mongoose": ">=6.5.0-next.3"
  • "mongoose": ">=6.10.4"

For more information please refer to